1i1w - International Competition


In the Challenges section of the1 Idea 1 World competition, we have curated a series of 10 engaging challenges in two domains: artificial intelligence and programming. These challenges provide an excellent opportunity to test your skills and prepare for real-world challenges in these fields.

Why participate in these challenges?

– Skill enhancement: By taking on these challenges, you will put your skills to the test in various areas of artificial intelligence and programming, gaining a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
– Preparedness for the job market: Designed based on real-world challenges in actual projects, these challenges will better prepare you for entering the job market and facing its challenges.
– Experience acquisition: Solving different challenges will provide you with valuable experiences that will be highly beneficial in your career path.
– Competition and entertainment: Participating in these competitions offers an opportunity to compete with other enthusiasts, showcase your abilities, and enjoy the learning and problem-solving process.

Submission Deadline:

You can choose one of the artificial intelligence or programming challenges and upload your solution to the website by February 5th.

Important Notes:

Necessary explanations and guidance for each challenge are provided on the website.
You are allowed to use various resources and tools to solve the challenges.
If needed, you can contact us via email.

Registration Process:

To register, you must select your topic and upload your codes along with personal information and proof of bank payment via the form below.
Note: Countries with representatives can deposit the registration fee for the challenge into the representatives’ accounts and upload the deposit receipt in the upload form.


Artificial Intelligence

Challenge 1.
Ali has 5 mid-term exams, of which he has taken 3 and their grades are known. Ali's father has promised to buy him a PS5 if his average score is above 18.5.

Now, by writing a program, help Ali determine the minimum grades he needs to achieve in the remaining two exams to get an average above 18.5. If reaching this average is not possible, tell Ali that he needs to try harder for the next exams.

Challenge 2.
A private company wants to use only male personnel for the production line and only female personnel for the administrative section. For this purpose, they need a smart camera that can identify males and females and, based on its recognition, open the corresponding door for each individual. The company is looking to hire someone who can undertake this project. Can you help them in this regard?

Challenge 3.
People who are blind or visually impaired require a tool to better understand their surroundings, nature, etc. We are looking to build a tool that can describe the environment fully and with clear audio for these individuals. This task is possible with the help of the Python language. You can write a program that takes an image as input and describes the image in voice form.

Challenge 4.
Create a user information page using the Tkinter graphical interface, where the information is saved to the database upon clicking the submit button. On the next page, the user should have a to-do list page where they can view their daily tasks.

Challenge 5.
We have designed an online platform for watching various movies. To increase the number and duration of visits and customer satisfaction, we want to enhance our website with artificial intelligence. Therefore, we aim to predict the movies that the user is more likely to be interested in based on their viewing history using language models and the latest film they have watched, and suggest them to the user.

Guide: To solve this challenge, we need both datasets, and their descriptions are provided below. Note that the datasets are raw and need to be cleaned.

Movies: https://1i1w.com/movies.csv

Creadites: https://1i1w.com/credits.csv





Challenge 1.
Calculator Construction:

In this challenge, participants are required to design a graphical calculator capable of performing four basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).


1.Design a visually appealing user interface using BOOTSTRAP, CSS, HTML.
2.Perform mathematical operations using JavaScript.
3.Display previous operations performed by the user.

Challenge 2.
Library Management System:

In this challenge, volunteers are required to design and implement a library management system that allows individuals to view, search, and borrow books. This system should be useful not only for library managers but also for library members.


1.Create a simple and user-friendly interface using BOOTSTRAP, CSS, HTML.
2.Enable adding new books to the system.
3.Display a list of available books along with information such as title, author, and number of pages.
4.Design a form for borrowing books with the option to select the return date.
5.Show books that are currently borrowed.
6.Implement a login and registration system for members.


Challenge 3.
Online Test:

In this challenge, participants must design a test in the field of artificial intelligence. This test should have various features such as evaluating the participant at the end of the test, percentage of correct and incorrect answers, being a ten-question test, and so on.


1.Creating a beautiful and pleasant user interface.
2.Creating a multiple-choice test.
3.Determining the percentage of correct and incorrect answers at the end of the test.
4.Determining the number of correct and incorrect answers.
5.Displaying acceptance or rejection at the end of the test.


Challenge 4.
Email Creation:

In this challenge, participants are required to implement a website for sending emails. Users should have the ability to register and create emails, and be able to send emails to other individuals who have registered on the same site. Emails sent by the second person should be visible and reply-able.


1.Creating login and registration pages.
2.Ability to send messages to another registered user who has created an email on your site.
3.Ability to view emails on a page named "inbox" and send replies.


Challenge 5.
In this challenge, participants are required to design a website that displays real-time prices of various digital currencies, dollar, and gold, using an API.


1.Design a visually appealing user interface using BOOTSTRAP, CSS, HTML.
2.Utilize an API to fetch cryptocurrency prices and ensure that these prices are updated in real-time.
3.Display cryptocurrency prices both in Turkish lira and US Dollar.
4.Use AJAX and JavaScript to interact with the API for fetching