1i1w - International Competition


We are thrilled to open the doors to participants from around the globe who meet the qualifications for the "1 IDEA 1 World International Innovation, Design, and Startup Competition." This event is a unique platform for innovators, thinkers, and creators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and projects across a multitude of disciplines.


Registration Process

Online Registration

All interested participants are invited to register through our official event website. The registration process is designed to be intuitive and accessible, ensuring participants can easily submit their entries.

Submission Form

The registration form requires the following information to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each entry:

Name of Inventor(s)

List all individuals involved in the development of the project.

Project Abstract and Information

Submit a detailed abstract outlining the objectives, methodology, results, and impact of your project.

Project Title

Provide a concise and descriptive title for your project.

Contact Details

Include email, phone number, and any other relevant contact information for the team or individual.

Contact Person Information

Designate a primary contact person for communications regarding the competition.

Intellectual Property Status

Indicate the current status of any patents, trademarks, or copyrights associated with your project.

Additional requirements may include project documentation, images, or videos, depending on the category of submission.

Judging Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on innovation, design quality, potential impact, feasibility, scalability, and the clarity of presentation. Our esteemed panel of judges will consist of industry leaders, academics, and professionals from various fields, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.


The competition welcomes submissions across 25 diverse categories, encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries. These categories are designed to capture the vast range of innovation and creativity in the global community, including but not limited to:

Technology & Engineering

Innovations in software, hardware, electronics, and mechanical engineering.

Energy & Sustainability

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices for a greener future.

Smart Cities & Urban Planning

Technologies and solutions for urban development, smart infrastructure, and city planning.

Materials Science

Innovations in materials, composites, and applications that advance industry and technology.

Ocean & Marine Technologies

Solutions for marine conservation, ocean exploration, and sustainable use of marine resources.

Sustainable Fashion

Eco-friendly and sustainable practices in fashion design, production, and textile innovation.

Health & Wellness

Innovations focused on mental health, wellness apps, and holistic health solutions.

Environmental Solutions

Projects focused on sustainability, conservation, and environmental restoration.

Digital Art & Design

Creative uses of digital technology in art, graphic design, multimedia, and user experience design.

Financial Technologies

Advances in fintech, blockchain, digital currencies, and financial services innovation.

Transportation & Mobility

Future mobility, transportation technologies, electric vehicles, and infrastructure solutions.

Space Technologies

Innovations related to space exploration, satellites, space travel, and astro-tech applications.

Waste Management & Recycling

Solutions for waste reduction, recycling technologies, and sustainable waste management.

Healthcare & Biotechnology

Advances in medical devices, health technologies, biotech innovations, and pharmaceuticals.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Development in robotics, AI applications, machine learning, and automation.

Consumer Products

Innovative consumer goods, gadgets, and appliances that improve everyday life.

Sports & Entertainment

Technological advances in sports, entertainment, gaming, and leisure activities.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Advances in VR & AR for education, training, entertainment, and simulation.

Legal Tech

Innovations in legal technology, legal services automation, and digital justice solutions.

Education & Social Innovation

Solutions that address educational challenges, learning technologies, and social impact initiatives.

Agriculture & Food Technology

Innovations in agriculture, food production, food safety, and food technology.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Solutions focused on securing digital information, privacy technologies, and cybersecurity measures.

Wearable Technologies

Innovations in wearable devices, health monitors, and smart apparel.

Social Networks & Platforms

Innovations in digital communication, social media platforms, and online communities.

Cultural Innovation

Projects that blend technology and culture, preserving heritage while innovating for the future.

Deadline for Submission

Please note that all entries must be submitted by April 24, 2024. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Registration Fee

Please contact the coordinator for price details. The space will be set according to number of registrations and required space.

We encourage participants to carefully review all submission guidelines and prepare their entries with attention to detail and creativity. This competition is not just a contest; it's an opportunity to make a mark on the world, solve real challenges, and be recognized for your innovative contributions.

For any inquiries regarding the registration process, categories, or any other aspect of the competition, please contact us at info@1i1w.com . We look forward to witnessing the extraordinary innovations that will emerge from this competition and wish all participants the best of luck.


All participants must prepare a poster in the following format in dimensions of 70x100 and have it printed with them on the day of the event.